Page Moderation

the ability to perform ALL actions related to wiki pages, including changes to their subsettings, redesignating it's url, and deletion are all perks.

Forum Moderation

you are given the power to edit/delete posts that need it. I don't want powerhungry banhammering unless the person is a flat-out troll or spammer. You are expected

How do I become a moderator?

Well, not everyone is allowed to just walk up and ask to moderate. We need to understand that you have an interest in actually contributing to the site and staying with us for a while, so we need to ask that you stay around the site for a while. The Wikidot system uses something called "Karma", which rates how active of a user you are based on how many forum posts you make and wiki pages you create/edit over time.

As soon as you have your first green bar (level 1 karma), you are free to Send Daijitsu a PM to request moderation. You can ask to either be a forum moderator, or a wiki moderator. You are expected to maintain that level 1 karma to keep your status.

Once you reach level 2 karma, you are free to request moderational power over BOTH the forum and page moderation abilities, but only if you request.

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