General Information

I never had a fixed location online to show the things i build so over time most of the things i released via /po/ got picked up on other sites. So i'll link to the sites containing the file instead of directly to the file itself.

Name: Anoniempje
Specialities: Papercrafting Design and engineering, Sketchup


Experiments that may or may not get released
Contact me if you want any files. As long as you tell where they came from i'll be happy to share.

Project Name Preview
1312 Blue perhapshg4.png


Project Name Preview Link
Anonymous Statue anonymouspapercraftbleukc5.png
Nooks Cranny nookscrannybe0.png Collection
Nook 'n Go nookngogp8.png Collection
Nookway nookwaylp8.png Collection
Nookingtons nookingtonsir3.png Collection

I did however found a you tube vid of some one building Nook's Cranny.

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