About Daijitsu

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Attn Span Paradox
Age: 20
Location: Chicago
Requests: Yes
Sales/Comissions: PLEASE
Skills: 3D Modeling, Papercrafting Design/Construction
Cosplay Design/Construction, Duct Tape

Brief Bio

Started playing with 3DS Max v 2.5 when I was five years old. Been using it professionally since I was seven. Being Autodidactic, I picked it up fast, and have only become more powerful in the other 75% of my life so far. Along with 3d, I picked up Photoshop as a means of editing photos as a hobby, since family always had old torn, faded, and otherwise destroyed pictures they showed off and reminisced about.

I currently have a home business that functions primarily as a 3D Visualization firm, taking architect's projects and building their project from the ground up, giving them a professional rendering that often makes people say "Where'd you take that picture?" and "I thought you didn't build it yet!". I function outside of the 3d aspect as well doing photo restoration, graphic design, and random drawings for people with the patience or the money to get the finished product.

Obviously, I've taken papercrafting up as a hobby, but there's rhyme and reason for that- I've always been interested in making replicas of stuff, and since my early days with 3d I've been pursuing this passion out pretty well. As of the past five or so years, I've been actively going to Anime Conventions with cosplays that I've put together with friends, most of which were chosen because we wanted to replicate something. It was only about a year and a half ago I found the true concept of papercrafting, and immediately I knew it's applications would be limitless.

So, here we are, and I'm designing 1:1 scale models for fun. Awesometacular.

Design Projects


Project Name Preview Link
list coming soon


Project Name est. Difficulty Status Preview
Moving Parts Tutorial Variable Ongoing

In Progress

Project Name Notes est. Difficulty Status Preview
Gurren Lagann Model collaboration with PONGOO; Scale TBA =_= Initial model recieved from pongoo; Proceeding with cleanup
Kanti Collaboration with PONGOO; 1:1, Hi-Poly WHY?! Modeling Phase
Battle Droid 1:1, Hi-Poly F^MUFFINS Discontinued until further notice

Image Feed

I've set up a flickr to work with my iphone, so I can upload stuff on the fly. I'll probably just be doing my project stuff with it, so this module will remain relavent to this page.


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