Building the Example

Starting out

Download the template file in any of the available formats-
Pepakura PDO
adobe PDF
(secondary formats being written, give me some time.)

…print it, then continue.


Cutting with a military-style pocket knife works when you don't care enough to search for an exacto.

Anyways, I'm going to assume you know the basics of cutting this out, as well as assembling it. Don't put them together QUITE yet, though.

Digging Holes


Before you glue everything shut, you need to do this- use a pushpin to poke the marked holes from the INSIDE of the piece. I'll explain it below. Feel free to glue things together once you've made your holes.


If you poke the hole from the outside, there's a bit of paper that gets pushed inward, making it impossible for you to get the axis (pencil lead) through the hole since if you're blindly sliding it around, it will basically bounce off of the hole instead of falling in. Remember, you're going to be doing this on the inside of the model (seen below), so it's important this is made as easy as possible.

Digging FOR Holes


carefully feeding the lead through the outside. Hopefully you'll have some good luck getting it through to the other side. I find it's easy to put my finger on the other side and feel for where the lead is hitting. That way I can adjust and get things done quicker.

Done already?




Once you have your axis through both ends, I'm just going to ask that you try and keep it from popping back out. Carbon is a VERY strong material, so don't underestimate it. Feel free to play around with the model and think about all that you have learned.

Continue to the Twin-Axis Elbow!

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