About Dalndox

Type Final Boss
Attack •••••••
Speed ••
special ••••••••••
Int ••••••••••
Age: 19
Location: Silent Hill
Requests: in Soviet Russia…
Sales/Comissions: …I commission YOU!
Skills: Design of many things on a grandiose scale; Duct Tape

Brief Bio



Built These

Papercraft Picture Link
Silent Hill (Cube-Scene) little_hill.jpg Tubbypaws
Mario, World 7-3 Mario-Papercraft-W7-3_1.jpg nerd-craft
Jr. Baphomet bapho-jr-ragnarok-papercraft-1.jpg Paperkraft
MGS Camera 2v34voh.jpg Chamoo232's Archive
more on the way

On my To-Do list

Name Currently Picture Link
Metal Gear Mark II Contemplating suicide No pic 'til I get a smaller one Chamoo232's Archive

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