Here you'll find links to great sites with massive libraries of papercrafts and related articles.

Databases - Blogs and other repositories of papercard and origami models

Site Rating* Description
Papercraft Museum 5/5 Extensive papercraft model database featuring over 1000 models and counting. Almost every model known to man is available here. Site links to the artist's website if available. Includes sparsely used forum and some tutorials. Frequently updated.
Downside: Models have no description, searching models goes by name.
paperkraft.blogspot 5/5 Blog reporting on all new models found. Not a lot of old models available but almost all newly released models are posted here. Great way to keep up to date with the latest designs.
Downside: No easy search function.
Command and Conquer Papercrafts 2/5 Blog detailing C&C papercrafts only. Doubles as designer site of the owner. Good for your C&C needs.
Downside: Low amount of models and few updates.
Spacestation42 3/5 Database with papercard models and origami. Site has a more retro feel to it and contains a lot of old models. Quite a few building papercrafts and lots of origami.
Downside: Old, some death links and slow updates.
Nintendo Papercraft 4/5 Blog-like site containing Nintendo papercraft models only. Frequently updated and includes instructions if available.
Downside: only Nintendo Papercrafts.
Paper Replika 4/5 More of a designer site compared to a database but the amount and detail of the models warrant a mention here. The famous wall-e models are from this site. Quality of models is outstanding and the site includes a forum and database for outside models as well.
Downside: May become a "required registration" site in the future. Detailed, own-made models are not (extensively) tested by the creator.
Papercrafter's home 4/5 Another database just like Papercraft Museum. The models have a description here making it easier to find the model you want. Not as complete as the museum but it is frequently updated as well.
Downside: relatively few models.
Yamaha Motor 3/5 Professional models created by Yamaha Motors. No outside models but the papercrafts posted are of high quality and feature extensive instructions. Great for beginners and pros alike.
Downside: no outside models.
Disney Experience 4/5 Professional models created by Disney and amateurs alike. Few models but the ones posted feature customization, instructions and some are highly detailed. Check the Indiana Jones temple for sure.
Downside: few models, Disney only.
World of Warcraft Unofficial Papercrafts 3/5 Doubles as database blog and designer website. Includes a lot of high quality WoW papercrafts. Nothing more nothing less.
PaperCraftSquare 4/5 is a free papercraft site.Here you can find free papercraft to download, and you can also appreciate many paper arts.
Papercraft World 4/5 Blog like database featuring a lot of exclusive models. Likeminded with Papercraft Museum and Papercraft Blogspot. Features less updates but worth checking out none the less.
Downside: relatively fewer updates.
/po/ Archives 3/5 Wikidot featuring nothing but models. Hotlinking seems preferred and designers are rarely mentioned. No easy search function but if you know what you're looking for you'll find it here.
4chan /po/ RS-archives 3/5 Like the wikidot, only no pictures and no descriptions. All rapidshare posted on /po/ to be found here. Great if you know what you're looking for.

* Ratings based on amount of models included & quality.

Designers - Links to websites of papercraft designers.

Site/Artist Rating* Description
Mabiwind's Paperworks 4/5 Mabiwind has a lot of anime type figures which can be downloaded. Quality is pretty high but all models are delivered in PDO format. Some instructions are available but a mail adres is required to access everything.
Zosho (or Zousho) 2/5 Zosho is a novice card model designer best known for his Star Trek models. The quality is reasonable, nothing special but a must for Star Trek fans. /
Clever Santoro 3/5 Another Star Trek Model maker. This designer has some diversity in his models, slightly higher quality. Again for the fans.//

* Ratings based on quality and availability of models.

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