FAQ: Creator's Page

Q: What do I have to do to set up my page?

A: follow these steps to be successful in starting up a page:

  1. either navigate to paperworks.wikidot.com/YOUR_User_Name, or put your username in the "Add a new page" tool on the left-hand menu, and you'll automatically create the page for your Creator's Profile.
  2. go to the Creators List found on the left-hand menu and either:
    • fill in the fields using the correct coding (explained on the page)
    • or simply leave your name, info, and a link to your Page (and anything else you want mentioned) and someone will do the work for you later.
  3. start work filling in all the info on your personal page!

Q: What should my page include?

A: Well, nothing's set in stone, but if a few suggestions are to be made…

  • a quick description of yourself and/or your hobbies (if you're willing to share)
  • talk about what you're best at with papercrafting
  • some form of displaying your projects;
    • show pictures right on the page
    • make NEW pages specifically for each project so you can go into detail
    • do whatever you feel is necessary to get the job done.
An example of an in-depth CP is Daijitsu's page, but if you're looking for good clean simplicity, SageRGrate's page is the place to be.
  • If you would like to steal either one as a template for your own, all you have to do is click "Edit Page" at the bottom, and copy everything.

Q: How many pages can I have?

A: Yes, but that depends on what you're using them for;

You will be allowed only ONE "profile" page, but you are allowed to create a new dedicated page for all of your projects.

Comments Box

If you want, you can put a special comments item on the bottom of your page simply by putting this little code at the bottom:

[[module Comments]]

See it in action!

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