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Q: How should I go about naming it?

A: Project pages should be named like (YourName-ProjectName), and for a reason:

  • If someone made a page for their super special awesome dice model, they would make the page title "username-Dice", which would look like as a link.
    • the reason for this is that several other people might decide to try making a dice model almost as sexy as yours, and so to prevent five people from trying to make a page simply titled "Dice", it will be made unique to you, and there should never be a naming conflict.

Naming conflicts may seem like something that wouldn't happen, but when it does, there's a chance the other user will want the name, and could possibly erase your content in place of their own. Rare, but we're still on the internet.

General guidelines for sorting things out

  • when making a page for your projects, it would be nice to sort things out. Daijitsu likes the way this webpage is laid out. It contains:
    • a picture of the model BASIS (no texture, so you can see the true complexity)
    • a short description
    • a comparison between the in-game model and the completed papercraft
    • a technical description, covering how many parts it's made of, and letting the reader know it's difficulty level
    • a direct link to the .pdf file, using an image for the button. (need to test how to set up an image-button here)
    • includes Bonus Material

Comments Box

If you want, you can put a special comments item on the bottom of your page simply by putting this little code at the bottom:

[[module Comments]]

See it in action!

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