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Skill (Designing) ••
Name: Freebooter Fox, aka Stickypurplecat
Gender: Female
Location: Ohio, USA
Moderator: Yes
Requests/Commissions: I accept both but reserve the right to drop pro bono projects.
Sales: Accepting donations, Assembled Models for Sale by Request
Skills: Building/Testbuilding, Sketchup (simple designs)
GIMP/Photoshop, Illustrator, Pepakura Designer, Basic Texturing, Design by Hand

General Information

I began papercrafting in September 2007 after running across the /po/ board on 4chan. Since then I've built dozens of models and moved on to building my own designs with software like Sketchup and Pepakura Designer. After becoming proficient with Sketchup I'm looking forward to learning about other 3D design programs such as Blender and Metasequoia, though lately I've been focusing on hand-made designs that are scanned in and colored with Adobe Illustrator before published and posted as a PDF.

I take requests/commissions, but I reserve the right to drop pro bono projects as workload dictates. Designs are released to the public for free. Donations are appreciated and are applied towards materials like ink or blades for test-building models. I'll assemble almost any papercraft and will ship you the finished craft for a small fee, so if you see a model you like send me the template with your request for a quote. Commissioned builds are per project, not per hour, and results are guaranteed. If you request a model and the result is not satisfactory there is no cost to you (the cost is only to cover materials anyway)!

I'm a huge pirate fan/sympathizer. I love to play video games of all kinds, but my favorites are from famous old-school franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Obviously this means I'm a fan of Ninjatoes and similar designers, and I frequent the Nintendo Papercraft Blog. For more about her gaming habits you can visit my GamerDNA profile. With what little spare time I have that isn't filled by crafting and playing games I tinker with computers, doing some basic programming and repairing PCs for friends and family.

Design Projects

If you like any of the designs below they are free to print out and assemble.
If you would like to request a model, submit a photo of a finished model for the gallery or have any questions or concerns about them feel free to e-mail moc.liamg|xoFretoobeerF#moc.liamg|xoFretoobeerF or post in the forums.

Like the model? Thank the designer for their time and effort with a donation via Paypal. Simply click the Donate button below!


Project Preview Link
Awesome 2893313836_695a901fc9_m.jpg 2892481779_918139c43d_m.jpg
Digg Logo 2893367596_56e8161567_m.jpg2893348504_c6db91735d_m.jpg
Globe 3133968051_de7df2de05.jpg
Heart 3117442905_05a12a3ab2.jpg
Hinge 2889821020_cf442c63bf_m.jpg 2889820736_94e2d7cbcc_m.jpg
Target 2889891076_57c0c0c464_m.jpg 2889891612_f984e453f5_m.jpg
Phanto 2897501261_24325c74e4_m.jpg
Sol Emeralds 3024334160_0b9b309280_m.jpg
MGS Exclamation 3026313063_01d4ff5cda_m.jpg
Star 3133951509_d31e96005b_m.jpg

Works In Progress

Project Name Status* % ** Project Name * % **
Stalled 25 Catface
Stalled 25
Stalled 70 H2G2 Alien
IP 5
Marvin's Noggin
IP N/A Robotnik
IP 2
SSBB Hammer
Stalled 80 USPS Postal Van
Stalled 70
Headless Horseman 3123872015_d3222802f5_m.jpg IP 40
* (Status)
IP In Progress - User is actively working on project.
NS Not Started - User has not started work but intends to.
Stalled User is not working on project but intends to finish.
Quit User has abandoned this project and does not intend to finish.
W Waiting - This project is awaiting feedback from other users. (Feel free to leave a comment below!)
** (% Complete)
N/A This project is part of someone else's project and/or the project is not started.
1-25 This project is in the beginning stages and the model's layout/structure is TBD
25-45 This project's layout has been determined and some of the model is complete.
45-65 This project has taken shape and little or no details/texture have been added.
65-70 This projects shape is finished and details are being worked out.
70-80 Details are being added to this project or it is finished, but has not been unfolded.
80-99 The 3D model for this project is finished and it is in the process of being unfolded.
100! This project has been unfolded and is the testbuilding/uploading stage. Almost finished!
A To-Do/Wish List of Papercraft Ideas
Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Godot's Mask (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Large Hadron Collider
Lolwut Pear (The Biting Pear of Salamanca)
Raptor Jesus
Hellboy Troll Masks
Whatever This Thing Is
Plague Doctor Mask
Maybe This Thing From A Japanese Fashion Show
Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Pirates of the Caribbean models
Agitha (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Valoo (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Volvagia (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
David the Gnome
Members of my Favorite Bands
Moyashimon Microbes
Yoma/Awakened Beings (Claymore)
This Statue (Claymore)
Howl Jenkins (Howl's Moving Castle)
Foamy the Squirrel
Simpsons Characters
Klein Bottle
Fire Nation Ships (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Birdo (Super Mario Bros.)
Iorek Byrnison (The Golden Compass)
Posed Team Fortress 2 Classes
Wise Shitashi (not)
Reynardine (doll form)
(Terrible) Boxbot
Dr. Horrible
Dr. Horrible's Goggles (See above)
Chowder characters
Asterix characters
Mr. Potato Head
Viking Helmet
Truck from T. Raumschmiere's Monstertruckdriver
Papercraft Ideas: A To-Do List
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Random Builds


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