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/5 [ Guide]

Usefull links

origami ressource center
Thoki Yenn
eric joisel's website
Robert J Lang's website


Dividing a Paper in 5 Guide


Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
Kabuto Hat 2/5 Easy Guide
Crane Bird 3/5 Easy Guide

Animals and humans

Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
Misc. Bird 3/5 Easy Guide
Penguin 2/5 Easy Guide
Spenjurmunni 3/5 Medium Guide
Pop up elephant 5/5 Extreme Guide
Pop up bat 5/5 Hard Guide
Simple sorcerer 3/5 Medium Guide
Nuclear crane 3/5 Easy Guide
Winged dragon 5/5 Extreme Guide
Chinese dragon 5/5 Extreme Guide
Phenix 5/5 Extreme Guide
ExtremeRyno's The Lonely Sheep Dog 3/5 Easy Guide


Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
Pistol 3/5 Medium Guide
DNA molecule 5/5 Hard Guide
Diabolic frame 2/5 Easy Guide
Hexabox 2/5 Medium Guide
Umulius rings 4/5 Hard Guide
Queen cube 4/5 Hard Guide


Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
What is knotology X X Guide
Making a strip with squares X Easy Guide
Flexicube 5/5 Hard Guide
Tapefish 3/5 medium Guide
Wobbling wall 2/5 Easy Guide
Stampfmaschine 3/5 Medium Guide
Colored sphere 3/5 Medium Guide
4 cubes 3/5 Medium Guide
Sphere 94 5/5 Hard Guide
Snapology 4/5 Medium Guide


Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
Flip Flop 3/5 Medium Guide
Flipper 2/5 Medium Guide
Pinocchio 4/5 Hard Guide
Can Love be Squashed? 4/5 Medium Guide
Spring into action 4/5 Hard Guide
Double star flexicube 5/5 Hard Guide
Flapping dragon 2/5 Medium Guide
Iso-area flasher 3/5 Medium Guide
Flasher hat 4/5 Hard Guide
Big Bang flasher 5/5 Extreme Guide
Jumping frog 2/5 Easy Guide
Pecking bird 2/5 Easy Guide
Jitterbug 4/5 Medium Guide
Rocking horse 3/5 Hard Guide
Shuriken 2/5 Easy Guide
Squishy thing 3/5 Medium Guide
Venus fly trap 3/5 Medium Guide
ExtremeRyno's Glider 3/5 Easy Guide


Name Look Difficulty Link(s)
Bowtie 2/5 Easy Guide
Deer 5/5 Extreme Guide
Ed's butterfly 4/5 Easy Guide
armadillo 4/5 Medium Guide
$ (no jokes) 3/5 Easy Guide
Double crane 4/5 Hard Part 1 Part 2
eyeglasses 3/5 Medium Guide
tank 4/5 Hard Part 1 Part 2
Balancing eagle 4/5 Medium Guide Pyramid
elephant 3/5 Medium Guide
The enterprise 5/5 Hard Guide
Change of heart 3/5 Medium Guide
Koi fish 5/5 Extreme Guide
Box 4/5 Medium Guide
Puzzle 4/5 Easy Guide
Butterfly ring 4/5 Medium Guide
Shirt 3/5 Easy Guide


Name Number of units Look Difficulty Link(s)
Oxi module Depends 3/5 Medium Guide
Sonobe 30 3/5 Medium Guide
Rose cube 6 5/5 Medium Guide
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