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Model Name Model Creator Difficulty Link(s)
Asshat Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Awesome Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Digg Logo Freebooter Fox 2/5 *Download*
Globe Freebooter Fox 2/5 *Download*
Heart Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Hinge Freebooter Fox 3/5 *Download*
Metal Gear Solid Exclamation Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Phanto Mask Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Sol Emeralds Freebooter Fox 2/5 *Download*
Star Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Target Freebooter Fox 1/5 *Download*
Mettaur ZeroUltimax 1/5 *Download*
Creators, please list your FINISHED Creations here!


Name Difficulty Link(s)
Kabuto Hat 1/5 Guide
Crane Bird 3/5 Guide
Misc. Bird 2/5 Guide
Penguin 1/5 Guide
Flexicube 4/5 Guide
Tapefish 2/5 Guide
Flip Flop 4/5 Guide
Pistol 2/5 Guide
DNA molecule 4/5 Guide
Diabolic frame 3/5 Guide
Hexabox 3/5 Guide
Umulius rings 4/5 Guide
Dividing a Paper in 5 2/5 Guide


Name thumbnail Complexity Link(s)

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