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Every one starts here, and it's free to join. If you're interested in our special programs, continue reading past the registration form below.

simply enter the following super-complex password in the password field to register. (to avoid bots)

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"Creators" Membership

if you make any kind of content and would like to have your own special page for a profile and for any and all of your works, you're in luck- a regular member is able to create and edit wiki pages. use the left toolbar's "Create a Page" function to make your new personal page and any other pages you need, then proceed to the Creators directory to add yourself to the listing.


likewise, if you want to be a moderator/admin, you can Send a PM to Daijitsu or any other admin. Make sure to leave a note, people with experience get hired first. People who are known around /po/ to be trustworthy get hired even faster than that. (this doesn't mean your position can't be revoked if you do stupid stuff with your powers)

mods/admins have all the access that a creator does, so there's no need to apply for both.

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